Thursday, December 14

Africa -The Continent Least Prepared to Cope With The Devastating Effects of Cancer

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  Africa remains the continent least prepared to cope with the devastating effects of cancer, having only a few cancer care services available. It is necessary to determine prevention, care and treatment for the Africans. By 2020, it is expected that 70% of new cases of cancer will be in developing countries like Africa states. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer for African women. But 32 of the 53 countries in Africa have no radiotherapy services, nor prevention or screening programs. The market environment for 2010 for Africa has the following characteristics: Poverty Low information level about cancer Lack of treatment facilities Limited resources No medical infrastructure Poor screening machines Lack of Cancer and AIDS awareness education Lack of Family Support No infection diseases prevention programs   Unfortunately, in Africa, 80% of cancer cases present in a very late stage. The poor infrastructure of Africa health system will not keep the step with the rate of increasing cancer incidence in the next years. Treated with early diagnosis, cancer can be cured or can be prevented and the rate of cancer will decrease by 60%. In Africa, aging and infectious diseases are increasing Africa cancer incidence. Cervical and Breast Cancer are the principal causes of death among African Women. Breast cancer occur to the African Women to the age of 30 to 40 years. But in Africa 70% of African Women present late for the diagnose and treatment. Presentation is so late that treatment is no beneficial. 5 year survival is 10% for Africa compared to 70% in developed countries.  

Celebritys4Africa is empowering people to beat cancer by:

Offering information on complementary cancer therapies – from exercise, to energy therapies, from vitamins to herbs and on alternative cancer therapies – including here a good daily diet based on natural food.   Offering information on Cancer Prevention – others seem to unable to acknowledge the expert research available casting concern over Environmental Toxins, EMF´s and chemicals as possible causes and drivers of cancer. Based on the volunteers efforts, offering to the Africans in need programs like: eLIT4life, UltraV4life, UltiMATE Screenings, SmokingnAlcohol cessation, LingUAfriCA, TxMENT delivery, Building ProFeSSionalS, All Cancer RegistRY, Baskets of HoPe and events like: Soccer4LifE, EmpressOFafriCA, African ModeL xPlosn, African Women BreastnCervical Cancer Congress, Breast Cancer BeachnPool XploSN.    


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