Saturday, December 16

Free Is Absolutely Free: A Tale Of Zero Cost Web Themes

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This may seem like a ridiculous blunder to us, and definitely it truly is. Nevertheless, don’t disregard the fact that way back in those times literacy wasn’t so common, and also our bad guy – well-known only as Butcher Bob – had not revealed the secret of the written word. Therefore, the die was cast, because he didn’t know that he didn’t need to steal zero cost website templates, because they have there been available simply by any individual who desired to apply them.

Thus he cast forward, knowing exactly how useful these kinds of sources can be. After all, net encoding is a large business and a good website can help even a well known thug such as Bob settle down finally. He decided he might make a windfall by utilizing those to fix up his weblog, that hadn’t fascinated a lot of visitors as a result of awkward layout as well as few valuable characteristics to keep people finding their way back.

Butcher Bob realized just the spot that the totally free web themes were. The challenge was actually getting to them, the truth is. It really happened that they were held in a good little town known as Still Waters, that was also the house of the worst sheriff in the entire state. How awful has been he? He was known simply as “The Sheriff”, as if there were hardly any other sheriffs in the entire region. And if you hold all other sheriffs to the standard he set, maybe there weren’t any others apart from him, in any case.

On the morning of the big robbery, Butcher Bob rounded up his team of four guys (he preferred smaller teams for their tasks) and galloped into town with a smug look on his face. He was cocky, he was self-confident, he was – what’s this? While he galloped up, he was amazed to find out that this town was vacant.

“Whatever,” Butcher Bob thought, imagining that everyone was scared. Sure enough, the actual themes were unguarded, and he helped himself to a few dozen and began to ride off. Just then, he observed someone up in a window, and he shot at the head, because he was going through a bit squirrely. The shot overlooked, but it was sufficient to have the awareness of The Sheriff, who was on Bob and his awesome team in a heartbeat.

He rode right after Bob and his team, who made the bad choice to shoot at him. The Sheriff smoothly popped the hats off of the three henchmen, falling them off of their horses and bringing them to a grisly end. Then he captured Bob and pushed him down roughly to the floor.

Bob was puzzled. “If you was planning to arrest me, why leave the web templates unguarded?” The Sheriff shook his head as he tied Bob up to be taken to jail. “Simply because, ya moron,” he explained, “those were free of charge web templates, you didn’t have to rob them! In the event you hadn’t shot at that guy in the window, you’d be home free! I realized you couldn’t read and just didn’t wish anyone to get hurt.” Don’t make the similar mistake just as Bob, who ended up in the city jail throughout his days.

During the days of the Wild West, life was quite difficult. You needed to be prepared to get your fingers dirty back in those times, whether it be by way of a hard-working life of rustling cattle, serving up drinks to thugs of ill repute, or getting whatever you needed from anyone who you desired. This is the story of a man that chose to steal a free website template, unsure that it didn’t cost anything at all, anyway.


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