Wednesday, December 13

Donate Suggestion: Overcoming Unemployment in Indonesia

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We know that to support the development of necessary investment in the industry who are competent in their field of labor for the company to increase productivity. But den = mikian sometimes companies confronted with inequality between the skills possessed by employees with the skills needed by the addition, the use of technology also allows the efficient use of labor since replaced human labor with machines. impact occurs out shourching, resulting in huge unemployment. unemployment is said that there are very large because in addition to unemployment because of the programs out shourching also because of the recent graduates from every level of education starting from elementary level sampat college. 

Of the approximately 10.6 million people unemployed, 31.75 percent were educated up to primary school graduation (SD), and 26.75 percent graduated from secondary school (junior high), 36.44 percent graduated from high school (SLA), 2 , 68 percent graduated from diploma, postgraduate and 3.38 percent. 
From the data it was found that the majority of Indonesian workers elementary education, to improve the productivity needed to boost their competence through job training at the Training Center (VTC) that exists, therefore BLK revitalization throughout Indonesia needs to be done. 

The emergence of new problems in the field of labor in the global era is likely to occur. For employment development strategy is needed on efforts to increase the placement and protection of labor, which had been prepared to overcome various problems of the existing manpower as well as in anticipation of the worst things that happened 

alternative to solving the problems of unemployment above in addition to skills training in BLK is to give more space to non-public sector to actively participate by taking into account the interests of society in proportion, by providing intensive programs, support the establishment of SME / MSME 

Application of government should cooperate with the Bank to provide soft kridit, to the SME sector / SMEs. By way of soft loans for SME sector. thus working agkatan than absorbed in the formal sector, are also absorbed in the SME sector / SME sehigga expected the unemployment rate in Indonesia will continue to decrease 


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