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Benefits of Ajwain or Carom Seeds

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Ajwain also known as bishop’s weeds and carom seeds. It is used in culinary process as spice as well as in medicines. The seeds of ajwain are small in size, but taste hot, penchant and bitter. It is a good appetizer and an effective remedy in managing ailments like vomitting, abdominal tumor, abdominal pain, mouth disease, piles and in the treatment of ascites.
Ajwain is very useful in adults as well as children in alleviating spasmodic pains of the stomach and intestine.  One teaspoon of ajwain along with 2-3 pinches of common salt in warm water helps to relieve from indigestion and infections in the intestine.
For common cold or migraine headache, put ajwain in a thin cloth and smell this frequently, it will give tremendous relef from this problem.
Ajwain is a good ant acidic agent and hence can be taken with butter milk to alleviate digestion related problems.
If you are suffering from chronic bronchitis and asthama, take the mixture of ajwain and jaggery, heat it to make a paste. Take this two spoonful twice a day. It helps to bring out the mucus easily and alleviates chronic bronchitis and asthma to a great extent. This preparation should not be taken by diabetic patient because of the sugar content.
People who are alcohol addict should take ajwain twice a day, it will help to reduce the craving and desire for alcohol.
One teaspoon of ajwain taken with hot water stimulates the heart and relieves heartache.
One or two drops of ajwain oil in the ear help to relieve from ear ache.
Use ajwain oil to massage legs and knees to get relief from pain from arthritis. It also helps in the treatment of rheumatic and neuralgic pain.

The smoke of burning ajwain helps in the treatment of toothache. To four cups of water, add ajwain and salt and boil it. Use this lukewarm water to gargle twice or thrice in a day, it helps to cure tooth pain.
Drinking hot water after chewing little ajwain helps to cure cough. For dry cough, chew betel leaf with ajwain at night before sleeping.
Tie one tablespoon of crushed ajwain in a small cloth and use it for inhalation. It helps to relieve from nasal congestion. Place this small cloth bundle near the pillow while sleeping.
Boil water with 3gms of ajwain and 3 gms of cinnamon bark and have this water thrice in a day for three days. It helps in curing influenza to a great extent.
To stop hiccups, ajwain seeds should be taken with one or two sips water.
The paste of ajwain seeds is a good remedy for insect bite such as scorpion bite as it has pain killing properties.
Ajwain seeds also help to remove kidney stone with urine flow, if taken regularly with vinegar or honey.
Note – Ajwain seeds should be taken in small doses as in some people it can cause skin irritation.


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