Tuesday, December 12

Outsourced Anti Spam Solutions For Email

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This is why many companies want to replace their current anti spam solutions with that offered by a hosted service.  Using a hosted service as one of your anti spam solutions has many advantages over using an in-house method. Hosted services filter out the spam emails before they get to you. They often discover and block new forms of spam quickly, so they don’t ever reach your organisation’s email inboxes.

Large hosted services that offer anti spam solutions can utilise their network of clients to alert them to the latest spam messages that are getting into people’s inboxes so they can block them, fast, before a user can efficiently target your organisation with malicious emails. Your anti spam solutions service provider will likely already have it flagged as spam. Most hosted services that offer anti spam solutions will update regularly so you will always have current protection.  You also save time and money in regards to administration costs when using hosted anti spam solutions.

Both large and small organizations can utilize anti spam solutions for their organizations as most offer a large range of features you can opt in or out of, depending on the needs of your business. Some features you can opt to have include outbound filtering and email encryption. You don’t even have to employ a mail administrator if you don’t have the resources to.

Typically, the more users you have using your organization’s mail system, the higher the price plan to provide you with the needed anti spam solutions. There are many additional features that hosted services can offer, but these will all increase the cost of your price plan. However, using hosted anti spam solutions still works out cheaper than using in-house spam solutions.

Outsourcing anti spam services frees bandwidth on your company’s servers because they will no longer receive spam messages and you don’t need to have a process up and running to examines them. Most estimates suggest that email users can receive up to 95% spam, so using hosted anti spam solutions will decrease your mail count dramatically.

Setting up to use hosted anti spam solutions is easy, all you have to do is change your MX records so that they direct mail to the providers email servers instead of your own. Spam messages are filtered through their services and they keep the spam, sending you only the important mail.


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