Friday, December 15

Guard Your Email Account Using Anti Spam Appliances

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Spam is email that you never signed up to receive, that get into your email account. They are often about things that you are not interested in, or need, and the fastest and best way to stop getting them is by using anti spam appliances.

If you are currently receiving spam, you already know how irritating it is, as it fills up your inbox with unnecessary emails that you’re not going to read. Normally you will have more spam than important emails getting through to you and this is why it is important to use anti spam appliances.

There are ways to test your network and computer to pinpoint ways that companies are getting access to your email address in order to send spam to your inbox e.g. penetration testing. Always ensure you use an ethical penetration testing method to check your system to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to hackers.

The job of anti spam appliances is to help categorize the emails you need and separate them from the spam emails that you don’t need. Anti spam appliances have been designed in a way that allows all spam to be sent to the same folder so that it is out of your way and doesn’t interfere with the important emails going to your inbox. The way that anti spam appliances have modified helps because you can always check the spam folder yourself to make sure that nothing important was sent there by accident and you can then delete them yourself.

Anti spam appliances are usually set up on your mail server as this is the first stop for all incoming mails. After the anti spam appliances check and filter your emails into the correct categories, they will appear in the relevant folders e.g. inbox, or spam, depending on the content.  Some anti spam appliances have advanced options like being able to block a list of email addresses that you definitely don’t want to receive information from. Any information from these addresses will usually end up in the trash.

Although anti spam appliances try to be as up to date as possible, there are always some cases where spammers are one step ahead and they occasionally get into your email inbox. Always check before opening any emails that you know the sender and that it seems safe top open, as some can even install spy ware which tracks what you are browsing.


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