Monday, December 18

Ten Signs That Reveal Your Lover is Not Interested in You

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Valentine’s Day is an occasion of exchanging gifts of love and confirming the love that has blossomed between you and your lover. The memories of your last dating are still lingering in your mind. Beautiful flowers are still blossoming in your heart for your first fiancée. But your dream should not blind your eyes from the clear signals that she has begun to show recently which confirm that she is not interested in you any more.

Ten signs that reveal she is not interested in you

1) Your lover has a new phone number

When you try to reach her madly and dial to her, you come to know that it is either ‘out of service dial’ tone or it says, “You have reached 777. Over!” It means the affair is over. It is a clear sign that she is no more after you and she has got a new phone number. So please stop calling her before she releases her hounds on you.

2) She never asks you to go into detail about your weekends

She does not want to hear any more details about your adventures or personal life. Even if you happen to ask her “How was the day?” she behaves as if she heard nothing and does not even stop to answer you. Moreover, if she does not ask you any question, the position of her dislike is clear.

3) The chemistry does not work

She never seems to share the chemistry which she used to rave about when she was in good terms with you. But recently she is not in your reach. When you propose some places for date, she prefers places where you cannot have that chemistry.

4) She delays to get back to you stating she is busy

It is only you are calling her by phone; but she does not return your phone calls. Generally, women like to be chased, but only by men they’ are actually interested in. If the woman you love takes a day or two to get back to you, it means she is probably not that into you. She may pretend to be busy.

5) She does not seem to care

If she does not care when you screw up, or does not care what you like, or if she passes on the flower that you had given her after your thoughtful selection to her mother, it is a clear sign that it is all over.

6) Your pictures disappear from her room

You may notice some sudden change in the shrine of love that she adored with your pictures. Your pictures are not there! Or they may be gathering dust in a corner. That clearly means that you are just a distant memory in her shoebox!

7) She tries to keep a foot or more of space between you

Once she was entwined with you. But now she does everything in her power to keep some distance between the two of you. This is a good indication that she is not interested in you.

8) She avoids eye contact with you

The face that was grazing on you like a sunflower on the sun, now turns away from you or does not spend even a few seconds to look at you. If she is not looking at you, or avoids your physical contact, there should be a reason. It is left for your guess.

9) She may suggest you names of other girls

She may mention names of other girls. Perhaps she may do this because she likes you just as a friend but wants to make certain you do not hit on her. In this case, the message is clear that she definitely does not want you for herself.

10) She cancels the plans you propose her

You want to be with her and propose so many plans to be with her. But each one is evaded by her with some reason or other.


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