Wednesday, December 13

Bed Bugs Rash Found

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                                                                BED BUGS RASH

Bed bugs rash cannot be found immediately after the bedbugs bite. It takes the time of 3days to a week to show the bedbug’s rash. People generally get affected by bed bugs rash during night. The bedbugs suck blood at night as they are attracted by carbon dioxide exhaled by human and the heat possessed by human body. Many people get confused between bed bug bites and hives also known as utricaria. The appearance of bedbug’s rash and hives are similar like they both show red bumpy swollen skin.


It is difficult to differentiate between bed bug bites and other insect bite. With the help of some symptoms we can easily make out bedbugs bite. The very first thing is the bedbugs bites are always in a straight line. They always take atleast 24 hrs to show any marks or any skin rash. Skin rashcan occur anywhere on the body. They show symptoms like red bumps with itchy skin. One can also check the rash by taking thebed bugs rash picture on the body. It is advisable not to scratch the bed bug bite because it leads to infection. Different person reacts differently to the bite. Many people even don’t care to notice the bite but some may develop irritation and rash on the skin if their skin is sensitive. To avoid skin rash after the bite it is suggested to wash the infected area with antiseptic and water and apply lotion to stop skin irritation. Sometimes bedbug rash multiplies after a week. One can go to doctor for proper medication needed to stop this.


It is very important to kill bed bugs. The main question arises in mind is how to get rid of bed bugs. There are various ways to get rid of bedbugs. The easiest way is to call professional exterminator for pest control. Or we can also get rid of bed bugs by natural method which takes time and removing the bedbug proper hygiene should be maintained and must be taken that they should not reappear.



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