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Preventing Digestive Disorders Tips – Part II

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Part I of this article explains preventing digestive disorder by doing healthy diet to improve and keep your lifestyle accordance with a healthy lifestyle. And below are easy tips for preventing digestive disorders by avoiding the foods that can cause stomach irritation or degrading the stomach function.

Reduce consumption of acid forming foods (acid)
Acid forming foods including protein from animal (meat, eggs, and milk) as well as simple carbohydrates like sugar and flour should be reduced to prevent digestive disorders. The meaning of the acid here has no relation with the smell or the taste of the foods, but related with the composition (chemistry).

Reduce foods that cause gas
Some foods such as yam, jack fruit, and beans can cause gas that causes flatulence.

Eat less spicy and strong seasoning food
Spicy and strong seasoning food can cause increased acidity of the stomach, causing irritation of the stomach wall.

Avoid smoking and drinking coffee
Ingested tobacco sap can cause irritation to the stomach wall, while coffee and various types of beverages that contain caffeine will stimulate the excess production of acid in the stomach. As explained before, the excess production of acid will cause digestive disorders.

Do not eat or drink that is too hot or cold
Foods that are too hot or cold will irritate the stomach wall. If this happens many times, the stomach will be damaged and finally you will get digestive disorders.

Reduce the consumption of fried foods
Fried foods will be more difficult to digest and may increase the risk of gastric cancer.

Avoid foods that may cause allergies
Some people are unable to digest lactose (milk sugar), allergy to lactose. If you have lactose allergy and then consuming milk with lactose, intolerance with symptoms of bloating, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea will happen to you.

Avoid cookwares which can cause heavy metal poisoning
Avoid using aluminum cookware, especially if you have digestive problems because it can cause heavy metal poisoning.

Avoid consumption of fluids while eating solid food
Consuming any liquid while eating solid food consumed will reduce the digestion activity, as a result the digestive process will be more difficult and imperfect. Liquid foods such as water and soup should be consumed 15 minutes after eating solid food to prevent digestive disorders.

Limit foods or beverages that can trigger digestive disorders
Fast food, red meat, fat-rich foods, drinks and carbonated or carbonated beverages that can trigger digestive disorders should be limited.

Full source : Easy Tips, Easy Tips Blog


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