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Top Reasons to Not Get Married

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Society No Longer Requires Marriage

Back in 1857, when James Buchanan became president, society made a fuss that he was a bachelor.  However, we are no longer in the 19th century.  It is now acceptable to be unmarried and it doesn’t imply that you are socially awkward or homosexual.  Society has come to accept that a person can be unmarried.  So, unless you have a parent pressuring you to get married, you no longer will feel societal pressure to get engaged.

Marriage is a Contract With the State

Marriage is not necessarily a commitment between two people to remain together for the rest of their lives, but is actually a contract with the state that changes your legal status.  Many people today are making lifetime commitments without actually announcing them to the state.  Avoiding legal marriage means that the state will have less to say about your affairs.  With all of the legal ramifications of marriage that are around today, it may be easier just to remain single in a committed relationship.

The Incidence of Divorce Is Increasing

Divorce is now over 50% in the United States and has increased in other parts of the world.  Divorce is a dramatic event that requires lawyers and legal documents.  It is easier to split up a relationship if you aren’t married and it requires much less cost.  The only way to become divorced is to become married in the first place.

Marriage Is Meant to Be Forever

Marriage means you are going to be together a long time and should imply forever. But how many unhappy couples are trapped in a marriage that perhaps should have not existed in the first place. If you are in a good financial state you might not be able to afford getting divorced.  If you are in a community property state then you will lose half of everything even if it was yours to begin with.

And what happens if you meet someone you like better down the road?  It means you are stuck or will have to have the stigma of being a cheater or divorced.  Nobody wants to have those stigmas attached to them.  It’s a lot easier to move on if you are only in a relationship.  It’s hard to move on to your next mate if you are married.

Married People Are Fatter

According to healthkicker.com, married people double their chances of obesity. This is the “let yourself go” phenomenon that you might have witnessed at your local Wal-Mart. Married people just think they have it made and don’t worry about gaining weight. Based on casual observation, married people also dress down more often. Yet another top reason not to get married.

Being Unmarried Means Nights Alone

If you are unmarried you can spend time alone, by yourself, at your own house or apartment.  That means you will have time to participate in your favorite activities.  If you are married you will no longer be able to afford this luxury as often because you will be living together.  That means no late nights out because you will have to be home to share dinner together.  Forget your social life unless it is with other married couples who are likely to have children meaning little time to socialize.

You Can Move to a New City

When you are married, you might both have jobs in the same city.  That means that if a better opportunity comes up in a far-away city, you won’t be able to move easily.  Your spouse might be committed to family or friends in your current city.  So if you are feeling it is time to move away you might not be able to.  On the converse it could mean moving to a new city without wanting to if your spouse gets a better job elsewhere and is the sole provider.

Still Not Convinced?

If you are still not convinced by these top reasons to not get married, check out http://www.bukisa.com/articles/452518_top-reasons-to-get-married.


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