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A Beginners Guide On How To Paint A Wall Mural

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The important thing you have to do is to first think about what you will be painting on your wall, will it be a wall mural? If you have already thought about what you want to paint, it will be easier to find out different photos, representations and drawings about the pictures you want to use. You can also move around to take pictures of the objects you want to paint to use them as a reference. For instance, you can take a picture of a landscape and a picture of a seascape as a reference when you are painting.

If you have put together every thing you want to paint on the wall mural, you have to begin by painting the background. The painting begins at the top, by painting the sky first. After the sky for the wall mural is painted, one should paint the horizon including mountains, land and trees. After the background, it is easier to include other objects like people, roads and cars on the wall mural. If you are an expert, you can hand paint the objects, however, you can use a projector for casting images on a wall and trace its outlines and hand paint it afterwards. A projector is used to maintain a good proportion and the placement of different objects.

If you have not decided on what you want to use for the wall mural, use the mix of acrylic paints which are easily available in any art supply or craft store, and latex paint which is purchased in gallons from hardware or paint stores. Both of those paints dry fast and can be cleaned up easily with water. Another benefit with acrylic paints is that it does not have fumes therefore it does not bother the user during the application process. If you want to stretch your dollar, you can buy extra bright white color to mix with acrylic colors for the wall mural. Buying acrylic paints in small tubes may be expensive in the end if you are painting a larger wall mural.

When you finish the wall mural, it is better to paint a coat of clear polyurethane over the mural for protection. Get the coating which does not yellow when time passes. This clear coating will help you with easy cleaning up of the wall mural in case of dirt or fingerprints and will let your paintings be seen as good as new every day. 


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