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Tips On How To Find The Best Wholesale Jewelry

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You need not worry about finding quality and wholesale fashion jewelry as long as you keep in mind the following tips. If you are a jewelry retailer, eBay seller, e-tailer or if you would just like to get some extra cash by selling jewelry, the first step is to recognize the best wholesaler to sell you jewelry at a good price.

Most of the high quality jewelry is imported. Therefore, you should begin by knowing the suppliers of imported jewelry. The supplier of costume jewelry should be able to get it from all over the world. If he can get jewelry from different sources, it will translate into a variety of customers for you. Another benefit of selling jewelry from different sources is that even if some countries increase their prices, you can get the jewelry sold at good prices from other countries. This is true in case of an event that may paralyze one supplier and not another.

If you are not use to the trends of Jewelry fashion, you can look for a jewelry trend spotter. Since you may sometime not be aware of the seasonal trends, if your wholesale is good enough, he will be able to advice you about this and sell you the jewelry according to the one which is in trend.

You have to make sure that you have what is in fashion, since you may end up buying chunky necklaces while filigree is the one in fashion. You have to make sure that you have what is in fashion in case the customer asks for it and you do not have it. Remember to always have classic jewelry though; even if people can wear what is currently in fashion, the classics are always in fashion like sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, cubic zircon or semi-precious stones jewelry. Even if you can store the current trends, keeping traditional jewelry will make sure that you are selling for the whole year.

Even if the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears jewelry are earrings, necklaces, or bracelets; you must also house toe rings and anklets, and remember that there is an increase in demand for body jewelry, hair accessories and cell phone accessories. When considering the supplier for your jewelry, consider the one who does not keep you waiting for a long time before sending your order.


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