Friday, December 15

Top Reasons to Get Married

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Dating Gets Old

When you are not married you might be in a relationship, but without marriage that relationship will likely end.  Then you have to date and go through all of the hoops that dating entails.  Dating gets old as you have to constantly be looking for a companion.  The bar scene or meeting someone at the gym or supermarket is no longer fun.  With marriage, there is no more dating.

Financially Easier to Be Married

You have two people paying the rent or the mortgage. Cooking home for two is cheaper than two people cooking alone. You only need one of everything: your spouse may already have a bathroom scale so you don’t need to buy your own. If you lose a job, then hopefully your spouse still has theirs so it is easier to survive a job loss. Let’s face it, it’s financially easier to be married.  Married people tend to have a brighter financial picture than single people.

You Will Live Longer

According to, mortality rates are much higher amongst single men and women than they are for married people. You have a lesser chance of getting cancer. Going to the hospital is riskier as well, with more deaths reported for single people in the hospital than married people.

Less Likely to Be the Victim of Crime

Married people are less likely to be the victim a crime than single people.  There is safety in numbers, and statistics back it up.

Sex is Safer and Available

Single people can not always have sex when they desire.  Not only that but it can be risky to go from partner to partner.  Married people don’t have to worry about the risk of venereal diseases.

Have Children

You can have children without being married, but the children won’t have the same security that having a marriage brings.  If you want to have children it is better for the child to know that his or her mother and father are together forever rather than living apart.

Still Not Convinced?

If you are still not convinced by these top reasons to not get married, check out


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