Monday, December 18

Tips On How To Clear Up Acne

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Even if having acne is viewed as normal especially for teenagers, people do not have to sit idle but look for ways to clear up their acne. Some may choose to use inexpensive methods to clear the acne, others may choose to save money to undergo a facial skin procedure that costs too much money and is available in different beauty salons. However, if you do not have the time and money to go to a facial saloon or a dermatologist, here are some guidelines to get off your acne.

Prevent yourself from squeezing and popping the pimples or touching them with unclean hands because the more you squeeze the puss, the more sebum the skin produces. If you squeeze the acne, the blackheads and pimples will take time to clear since irritation and inflammation may occur.

Ensure that you wash your face thoroughly two times every day (morning and afternoon) since a good facial care is the first way to prevent and to clear up the acne. You can use facial soap that does not have oil or acidic elements in them. After a bath, you should wash your face with sulfur based soap, meant especially for people with acne. When you wash your face, you strip away natural lipids from your face and skin, adding moisturizer will prevent the body to produce more oil that can enhance breakouts. However, you should take care when you choose moisturizers, since the moisturizer to use depends on the type of your skin. Moisturizers are different for the dry, normal and sensitive skin types. Even if you can use products bought over the counter that are meant  to reduce the acne, it is only one solution among others. Different topical creams can be found without a need of prescriptions. However, you must take care in choosing the cream since some cause allergies and may worsen your situation rather than improving it.

If you like to take part in activities that make you sweat like exercising or yoga, you have to wipe away the sweat as soon as you finish those activities. Choose creams that have an active ingredient called benzoyl. However most of the products for fighting acne can cause the skin to dry so you have to keep moisturizing it. The medicines with a higher percentage of benzoyl peroxide is the first choice  to clear your acne faster. If you have tried all the possible creams and nothing seems to work for you, you have to consult a dermatologist. 


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