Monday, December 11

Great Tips On How To Design A Card

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If you want cards for a birthday, wedding or anniversary, there is a variety of cards you can choose from, or you can design some interesting cards on your own. To begin your designing, you should have papers, pre-folded cards, cardstock and bone folder. You can make different sizes of cards, however, you must first consider the envelope you have to use if you will not make your own.

Then you have to look for a sticker, or you can use a rubber stamp to imprint images on the front page of a card.  Alternatively, if you want to use the stamp, you have to use different colors before choosing the color that will work well with the color of the paper you have. The stickers have to be put one over another to get a better design. You can also use plain paper with matching patterned papers together.

You can use other embellishments to the card instead of using stickers or stamps. You can use dimensional elements to the card to make it more appealing. Ensure that you have a special glue to attach designs, or you can choose adhesive that works well with the paper you have chosen. A glue gun can work well if you are using a heavy paper but it can wrinkle most of the light papers, instead you can use glue strips or dots to be on the safer side. The best glue sticks are the sticks with heavy-duty label. It dries quickly and it is clear and smooth on almost all kinds of paper.

Another important thing to think about is the words you want to write on the paper. Are you going to write simple messages or a long message? You should also decide if the message would be inside or outside of the card. Decide if you want to use rubber stamps, stickers or computer to imprint the message on the cards. With a computer, you will be able to explore all the fonts available to make sure that your cards look as appealing as possible. If you are sending the cards to many people, you may customize every paper to suit the preferences of every receiver.         

After getting everything you need, you should stick all the elements together making sure that everything sticks well. After writing the message, you can use a ribbon to make the card look more beautiful before putting it in the envelope.                     


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