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How To Undertake Concrete Resurfacing Quickly And Easily

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Concrete resurfacing is simply the act of repairing concrete areas that have cracked or become weak. This cracking usually occurs over a long period of time and concrete resurfacing will keep your concrete looking as smooth and new as ever. There is another type of concrete resurfacing known as decorative concrete resurfacing which is the same thing except it has decorations on it as well. This may be in the form of colors or designs. Most of the time, these decorations resemble works of art and can be quite beautiful. The price of concrete resurfacing varies and will mostly depend on the kind of work you want done. Aside from that, it will also depend on how elaborate you want your designs to be. Usually the price ranges between three dollars to seven dollars per square foot.

The first step in concrete resurfacing is to clean and this is usually done with a pressure washer. This will ensure that no debris or dirt is left behind. Following the cleaning there are also a number of steps that have to be followed when it comes to repairing the cracks. Firstly, the cracks are primed then filled with crack material. Fabric is reinforced followed by a base coat painted over it.

This application is followed by that of polymer concrete which is then smoothed over the crack’s surface and ground down for it to have a smooth and finished appearance. Though this may not give a complete finished look, any holes that are found within the concrete are then filled with epoxy mortar. This signals the end of the concrete repair and the beginning of the concrete resurfacing.

The next step is to apply the prime coat and the granule broadcast and this is done only after all the holes have been filled. Secondly, a texture coating is what will follow. For this to happen, you’ll need to mix it as per indications on the packaging. This mixture is then to be sprayed across the coat with a spray gun. If this too is complete, only then can you run it over using a trowel to ensure an even finishing. Then you can color the coating with the color of your choice. Once dry, you should add a sealer which will help seal the color in and you are done with your concrete resurfacing through these easy steps!


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