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How To Buy Motorcycle Boots

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Motorcycle boots, as primitive as they sound, actually hold a reputation of being multipurpose in nature and have a number of expectations to rise to.

In this case, they have to provide comfort while walking, yet be strong enough to protect your feet in case you fall. They should also be able to provide traction without wearing out themselves. Importantly, they should be able to withstand weather elements and still look stylish and chic. The question most people ask themselves is how to choose motorcycle boots that are up to par with all that is expected of them? Here are some guidelines that you should keep an eye out for whenever you go shopping for motorcycle boots:

  • Boots that are slip-ons aren’t ideally the best choice. This is because if they were easy to put on then that means they are easy to slip off if you fall. These should be avoided and boots with laces are the best choice to opt for.

  • Most motorcycle boots have the tendency to boast of being water proof and weather proof but fail considerably when they are put to the test.

  • Boots that close and have latches along the entire length are suitable for both large and slim calves. The problem with zippers that are uncovered is that they let in wind and water.

  • It is important that the motorcycle boots you buy are flexible. When trying on the boots make sure they have flexible ankle panels.

  • There are different boots with different features. For example, the uppers in a touring boot are right angled while those in a sports boot are inclined to match the foot’s angle. This being said, touring boots are the best to walk in.

  • Ankle protection is important for motorcycle boots and hence it is important for you to choose ankle boots that provide some kind of cushioning within the boot.

  • It is a good idea to purchase boots that have reflective inserts as it is easy for a driver to see them while you’re riding your motorcycle at night. Also it is important that these inserts are not covered by your trouser legs.

  • Motorcycle boots are mostly made out of leather but you can find others made out of a different material. Leather will last you long and can be maintained quite easily.

Considering all the above mentioned factors, you can now be ensured that you are well informed when it comes to motorcycle boots.


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