Friday, December 15

Kodak Cx7300 Digital Camera

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Digital cameras are a common gadget found in almost all homes today and their quality is way above par, especially true if you have come across the Kodak CX7300. Most cameras are known to be a bit expensive but with Kodak’s new model, affordability is the main feature. Their new camera known as the Kodak CX7300 has 3.2 mega pixels. Even though it sounds too low, you may be surprised at what it can do for you.

Not so long ago, whenever you’d stop to purchase a 3.2 mega pixel camera, the price tag you’d see would read around $249. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find the same number of mega pixels for a camera going for only around $150. If you were to have a look at recent prices on the market, you will have noticed that the Kodak CX7300 now costs around $100.

As you may already know, a camera that has 3 mega pixels is useful only for posting pictures on the internet. Anything more than this isn’t necessarily required as you will spend more money just to add two or three more pixels on your camera. In as much as the Kodak CX7300 is a 3 mega pixel camera, it still has a number of features that will satisfy you; 3.2 mega pixels, self timer, color modes, red eye reduction, 3x digital zoom, multiple scene modes, 1.6” color display, movie mode, easy share software and an internal memory of 16MB.

A very interesting feature on the Kodak CX7300 digital camera is the ‘share’ button. The red jewel isn’t all the excitement, it also offers you options to print, mark as favorite and email each picture you have clicked. There is also a new feature on the Kodak CX7300 which is the album feature. When used together with the EasyShare software version 3.0, it allows you to categorize your pictures right on the camera. On camera sharing is really easy with your Kodak digital camera due to the high resolution LCD screen.

The user interface of the Kodak CX7300 is quite easy and the quality is really good. This camera is also available as the Kodak C300, so you need to ask around before you’re sure of what you’re looking for. 


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