Saturday, December 16

The All Important Office Furniture Chair

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Not many people think about the importance of having the right office furniture chair. If you didn’t know, your office furniture may be the main cause of all the aches and pains you experience. We take advantage of our own bodies and we don’t even know it. You may not know that typing all day in the wrong hand positions may cause you wrist pains later on in life. You also may not know that if your back is slouched all day, you are likely to experience back problems as you age. It is important that you realize these dangers before it is considered too late.

Personally, I hadn’t bothered to get the right office furniture chair until it was a bit too late. The damage to my back was already done. Today I take a look at my previous office furniture and I cringe and that’s because my furniture was terrible. My office chair was actually a recliner. What I loved was to lean back in my chair and place the keyboard on my lap as I gazed at the screen. To me at the time, I thought it was relaxing to sit in the position that I had been sitting in. The main reason why office furniture chairs are made straight is to reduce the strain placed on your back and this usually happens when you slouch.

Comfort alone isn’t the right factor to choose your office furniture chair. Although it is good to have comfort as you work, it is also important that you are sitting in the right position. It is also important that your office furniture chair should be in the right distance from your desk and it should have the right height too.

One of the things you should do before buying your office furniture chair is to consult experts and ask on the right ergonomic placements for chairs. Many of us are so used to slouching our backs so that when we sit on a straight chair, it may seem strange at first but with time you’ll come to learn to appreciate it. If we are used to our bad sitting habits then they are likely to guide us when we buy our office furniture chair and instead we need to be guided by the right guidelines.

The fact that you will have the right office furniture chair doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put your own effort into ensuring that you stay healthy. Exercising regularly and eating right also make their own contribution. 


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