Tuesday, December 12

Wicker Furniture For Your Home

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Let me tell you how we came to love wicker furniture! My daughter and son-in-law moved into a century home recently, in a small community. My daughter is a professor at a prominent university and my son-in-law is a fiscal officer at a large loan and savings company. As can be seen, both of them earn a more than decent salary and they both made the decision to restore their new home to its former glory.

The best thing was that the house was still in good condition though its interior had been remodeled because the previous owners didn’t like the old traditional look. I found some pictures in the house which were taken inside the house. Also some more pictures were found at the town library. This was because the previous owner was involved in politics and a lot of formal parties were held in the house where the press were invited. In one of the photos, the thing that caught my eye was that wicker furniture was used in the parlor and it blend in quite well considering just beyond it there was a patio with all sorts of patio furniture. Once my daughter saw this picture, she was sold on getting wicker furniture for that particular area of the house.

Other pictures showed the dining room and my daughter decided that the very furniture that was used be used in her home as well. This was possible because when my daughter and her husband first bought the house, they had an agreement with the agent that anything found in the basement would belong to them and the dining furniture set was one of them. My daughter went ahead and found someone to work on the dining room furniture. In the basement, we also came across two pieces of wicker furniture that were in bad shape but the man doing the refurnishing claimed to repair them.

Since then, my daughter and son-in-law have spent two years frequenting furniture stores to look for chairs that matched the dining table. So far they have found six and now have four more to go. They have also found more wicker furniture but are now looking for fabric to cover it. Since then, I have also added some wicker furniture pieces to my own house. I was never such a big fan of wicker furniture earlier but since I have seen the difference it can make to any space, I am totally sold on the idea too! If you too are looking to add that desired elegance to any part of your home, do look through pieces of wicker furniture. 


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