Monday, December 18

Breast Disease

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Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cells that are not normal tissue, spread through the blood vessels and lymph vessels. Breast cancer is a disease caused by malignant cells in breast tissue. Cancer cells are silent on the breast gland. Breast cancer cells spread via the bloodstream throughout the body. Breast cancer cells can hide in the body for years without being noticed by the sufferer and active suddenly become malignant cancers. Breast consists of glandular lobules, ducts, fat and tissue binding, blood vessels and lymph nodes.
Lobule is the producer of milk. Each lobule consists of acini are composed of two types of epithelial cells (secretory cells) and mioepitel. Lobule was in the loose connective tissue and is associated indirectly with duct intralobularis.
Duct intralobularis always associated with duct ekstralobularis. Ekstralobularis duct interconnected to form subsegmental duct and empties into the lactiferous ducts and lactiferous sinuses. Ducts lined by epithelial cells.
Prevention efforts to prevent breast cancer include:
1. Eating fiber foods
2. Consuming foods that contain lots of vitamin A and vitamin C.
3. Eat green vegetables and fruit
4. Reduce foods that have been preserved.
5. Reduce consumption of fatty foods.
6. Avoid drinks containing alcohol
7. Avoiding sexual diseases
8. Avoiding smoking habits.
9. Avoid stress.
10. Not having sexual relations with multiple partners.
11. Stop smoking.
12. Check with your health regularly.


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