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Why Some Forms of Hospice Are Murderous

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Created By Carl Janssen

February 10, 2011

Why some forms of Hospice are murderous

In some forms of hospice the rules are as follows

1.        No life-extending treatment can be provided with the goal of increasing years of living.   Treatment can be provided to reduce pain or improve comfort.  

2.       Treatment can be provided which provides life-extension if it is with the goal of improving comfort and not with the goal of increasing years of living. 

3.       Supposedly no treatment can be provided with the goal of reducing years of living

It is ironically claimed that these forms of hospice are not murderous, this is self-contradictory

1.       If someone is shot with a gun the day before they would have died of a heart attack it is still murder.  A murderer does not get off the hook for shooting someone who is obese on the grounds that the obese person one day in the future might die of other causes.

2.       Would a policeman who intentionally watches a violent stabbing in order to be neutral and not increase life expectancy but not reduce it easier and just let nature run its course be guilty or innocent?  The same logic applies to a fireman who refuses to save people from a burning building.

3.        Suicide is murder except for situations similar to when one sacrifices his life to save other people which might not be considered suicide.

4.       It is argued that if A

5.       It has been argued that it is ok, to avoid force feeding because force feeding can sometimes cause pain and health problems reducing life-expectancy therefore since some treatments do not actually help it is ok to avoid all health treatments.  This is not a valid argument because we are not talking about whether or not we should do treatments that do not work.  The question is should we do treatments that do work, and since this argument is about treatments that do not work only it does not apply to treatments that do work.

In summary

Certain forms of hospice refuse to provide life-saving treatment.  It is ironically claimed that this is not murderous.  This is no more valid than saying police and firefighters do not need to prevent death from fire and violent criminals because they are not causing death but letting nature take its course.


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