Friday, December 15

Furniture Restoration May Be More Than Just A Diy Project

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If you think that you need to do some furniture restoration, you have to read all the information about the project before embarking on it to be aware of any problems that may occur. Some furniture restoration projects are simple like getting rid of wax that has built up on antique table. However, if you do not know what you really have to do, you may find out that you damage the furniture instead of restoring it. Before deciding to begin furniture restoration, you should know which steps to take to do the right job. You should first be able to identify how the furniture needs to be restored, for instance, the furniture may need a simple cleaning while in other cases furniture restoration may mean refinishing.


The easiest way of furniture restoration is to repaint the furniture with new paint, however, if the paint has cracks, the cracks may show after the furniture has been repainted. It is better to remove all existing paint before repainting it. When you wipe the furniture, you will be able to remove all skin oil and polishes that have been used before. You have to remove food and drink remains/ stains from the furniture. If you have removed all the dirt from the surface, you have to next sand the surface to make it smoother therefore easier for the paint to stick. After sanding, you have to use a damp rag to remove any dust that remained on the surface.  However, if you want to change the color completely, you have to remove all the previous color and make the wood as clean as possible.


Even if most of the furniture restoration can be easy and can be done during weekends, sometime it is better if you seek professional help when you need to repair the furniture or if it is valuable furniture like an antique. If you do not have the basic knowledge in gluing and restoration, you had better not attempt to do it. Do not also do any furniture restoration that requires a nail gun, a hammer or a screwdriver. Instead of making mistakes in handling your furniture, make sure that you evaluated the project very well before embarking on it. Do not wait to find out that some work is beyond your capacity when you have already begun to work on your furniture restoration.


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