Thursday, December 14

Dr. Reg Barrow on Calvin, Covenanting And Close Communion

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A Free SWRB MP3 “Calvin, Covenanting and Close Communion” by Dr. Reg Barrow Can Be Downloaded or Heard Immediately Under the category “FREE PURITAN & REFORMATION MP3 AUDIO SERMONS/BOOKS”, which is in the left column at, then searching on this category page for the title and/or author.

Welcome to SWRB’s online summary of the free Reformation, Covenanter and/or Puritan MP3 Audio Book, “Calvin, Covenanting and Close Communion” by Dr. Reg Barrow.

Dr. Reg Barrow demonstrates how social covenanting and close communion were practiced by John Calvin in Geneva. Furthermore, Dr. Barrow demonstrates that John Calvin, in his desire to uphold sola Scriptura and promote further Reformation, saw the faithful implementation of these two ordinances (social covenanting and close communion) as the means ordained of God to extend, protect, and consolidate the work of the Holy Spirit — in the individual, civil, and (especially) the ecclesiastical battle against the man of sin in his day.

Modern Calvinists have been told little about what Calvin really stood for — concerning many important areas of thought. The specific information included in this title, regarding God’s work through Calvin, is once again being made available (for those with eyes to see) through the research, publications and web site of Still Waters Revival Books. If you are interested in real Reformation and you don’t mind owning up to the hard truths of Scripture promoted by our Reformed forefathers, then you will find this item a meaty little snack pointing you toward the main course found in Anderson’s Alexander and Rufus, which Barrow here reviews.

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Thanks for reading this Still Waters Revival Books’ summary of the free MP3 Audio Book, “Calvin, Covenanting and Close Communion” by Dr. Reg Barrow.

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