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Valentine Holders For Kids to Make

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Making homemade Valentine holders is a fun craft.  It’s also an economical way to hold and organize Valentine’s Day cards.  Here are several options of valentine holders for kids to make. 


This is a popular and practical holder for Valentines. There are several ways to decorate a shoebox. Use pink, white, red or Valentine themed wrapping paper to wrap the top and bottom of the box. Another idea is to take Valentine Day themed magazine pictures and cover the box with them. Then, cover the box with clear contact paper. This step is optional but will make the box last longer. When finished decorating, have an adult cut a big slit in the top of the box. Put a label on the bottom of the box with the child’s name.  Shoeboxes make excellent keepsakes for your valentines. 

Paper Sacks

Take a bigger paper sack. Cut out two pairs of different colored hearts. Then, overlap two on the front and two on the back. Next, put an arrow through the hearts or write a Valentine message on the hearts. Another idea is to print out coloring pages of cupid, color them and paste them on the bag. Finally, put a hole punch through the top and secure with a thin heart or pocket dot ribbon.

Manila Envelopes

To me, this is the simplest craft. For this project, you will need 9 by 12 or manila envelopes for every child. Choose the ones with the clasp at the top. Then, give children lace doilies, heart cut outs, glitter, markers and stickers to decorate the front and back. Another easy way to decorate them is to give kids two coloring sheets. One coloring sheet can be pasted on the front and the other on the back. Make sure children do not paste something over the opening. Also, have kids write their name on the top of the envelope so their Valentine holder does not get lost. 

Recycle an Old Gift Bag

Take an old gift bag and decorate it. I like to use ones in pink, red, white or brown. Next, d ecorate a doily with stickers, a graphic or other decorations. Tape the doily in the center of the bag and your’e done. This is very easy and hardly takes any time. You can also decorate the bag with old or leftover Valentine’s Day cards. 

Have a special Valentine’s Day!


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