Tuesday, December 12

Google Offers $ 20,000 to Anyone Who Will be Able to Hack Chrome

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$ 20,000. This is the prize that Google is offering to anybody whowill be able tofind aweak pointof theChromebrowser,informComputerworld.com.Thisprizeis the mostconsistentso far inPwn2Owncontestin which contestantshavetobreaka program.

Contestantswillbe rewardedwithlarge sumsofmoneyforprogramsbreakingIE, Firefoxand Safari.Fortheyarepromisedaprizeof$ 15,000.

Pwn2Owncontests awardsthis year’sare  five thousandeuroshigherthanlast year.

The amounts of moneyinvestedthis year rasises up to125,000dollars, “saidAaronPortnoy,manager ofHP’sTippingPoint, a companythatisthe main sponsorof thecontestPwn2Own.

Here is a short resume of their blog: ¨ A successful hack of IE, Safari, or Firefox will net the competitor a $15,000 USD cash prize, the laptop itself, and 20,000 ZDI reward points which immediately qualifies them for Silver standing. Benefits of ZDI Silver standing include a one-time $5,000 USD cash payment, 15% monetary bonus on all ZDI submissions in 2011, 25% reward point bonus on all ZDI submissions in 2011 and paid travel and registration to attend the DEFCON Conference in Las Vegas. ¨

Pwn2Owncontestruleswere postedonthe company blog.


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