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Complaints Due to Glaucoma

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Lots of eye doctors see patients who go to their office complaining of problems including excess eye pressure, migraines, and decreased eye function. If you are experiencing some of eye problems, you could have glaucoma. Only an eye expert can confirm a glaucoma diagnosis by giving you an eye exam.

Glaucoma explained

Glaucoma is an eye condition described as the “silent thief of vision”. It causes increased pressure within the eye which can harm the fragile nerve fibers crucial to vision. Glaucoma may lead to debilitating and severe loss of vision, leaving you with tunnel vision. There are different kinds of glaucoma such as secondary glaucoma, acute glaucoma, chronic glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma (which is a form of chronic glaucoma.)

Eye Pressure Complaints

If you ever feel pressure in the eye, you must speak with an expert in eye care without delay. Even people with good eyes and regular pressure could experience glaucoma in the future. Only an eye specialist will be able to tell you if you need treatment for glaucoma. Testing for this disorder is one of the main reasons that regular eye exams are important.

Headache Complaints

The extra pressure in the eyes due to glaucoma could result in severe headaches. Soreness in the eyes can accompany a headache caused by glaucoma. Experts that have researched glaucoma have implied that emotional episodes of fear may also set off headaches like these.

Complaints About Deterioration of Sight

Glaucoma is an exceptionally damaging eye disorder that may cause a total loss of sight when left untreated. Peripheral vision is usually affected first. Eye professionals understand that patients aged over 45 are at a greater risk of developing this ailment. If you are having any vision problems, and you think that you may not be able to see as well as before, it is crucial to make an appointment with a qualified eye doctor like Dr. Harvey Carter immediately to protect your vision.

Who is Most at Risk?

*Those that have family members that have suffered with glaucoma

*Men and women that have suffered from diseases including anemia, diabetes or hardening of the arteries

* African American and Hispanic men and women

What Are My Treatment Options?

An eye doctor shall recommend the preferred treatment plan. The treatments chosen will be unique to your disease. The options for treatment are:

* Medication therapy

* Surgical procedures with lasers

* Drainage implants and other Glaucoma surgeries

* Eye drops

In what ways can professional help relieve Glaucoma Complaints?

It is a good idea to obtain the help of an eye care professional that is experienced in assisting patients in improving their sight. They can, most likely, assist in relievingexcess pressure in the eye that you may be experiencing, migraines, and reduced vision. Ensure and research that the eye doctor you have selected has a solid reputation. They are able to assist you with the use of the newest technology in eye medicine to help you have a pain free life without the symptoms of glaucoma.

At Carter Eye Center complaints of Glaucoma cancould be a thing of the past. Call Doctor Harvey Carter to learn about your Dallas glaucoma treatment options.



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