Saturday, December 16

Having Two Working Parents Is Bad For Kids

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More money means having a nicer house in a nicer setting, better schools and safer streets. To make that money, the parents in the average American family must work. Stock piling money has become a concern even for the wealthy who do not need to have two working parents. The green government minted drug calls for us, like any addiction the more you use, the greater your dependency.

You wake up, and send the kids to school, they come home and do their homework, use the internet, hang out with their friends, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed. Where are the parents in this scenario? The parents are not bad people, they work hard to keep things going. The problem is people in general are quick to spend money to “improve” their life. This means there is more work required to chase the dragon.

While the parents are doing their best, the children are raised on the pop culture “look at me” values delivered to them through “the media,” mostly Internet and TV. If your kid has picked up a biting habit, don’t assume he/she is hungry and stuff a potato in his/her mouth, most likely your child’s little mind has been flooded with all the Vampire media going around and got confused on how to behave.

When kids are not being programmed by the media they are hanging out with each other. Throughout history, the biggest deficiency that has plagued mankind is the ability to find the biggest idiot and elect him/her as leader. This trait starts in childhood when children choose the popular kids who dictate the rest of the school’s behavior. We need the “one parent home” system to shape our youth into people of substance and to make sure we teach them that we should not aspire to be like the people on these reality shows but instead laugh at them.

I’m not saying to blame the media because they are only giving the people what they want. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

Without proper context, when the media is feeding your children mindless bullsh*t (I hate people who are too sensitive to handle adult words causing me to have to censor a word in order to be published. Don’t give me that garbage that you are afraid your kids will read it as if the difference between the “*” and the letter “I” would throw there little brains into a fit were they must constantly act on the word they saw defecating all over your house. Lets not even think what the dreaded “F” word would do to them) you shouldn’t be surprised to later realize that your little angel has matured into a giant turd.

Well like as always, this has turned into a rant. I think I’m going to end it here so I can watch Jersey Shore.


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