Sunday, December 17

No Sex at Hooters

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In my article about Tennessee legislator Julia Hurley, I referred to the Hooters restaurant as “Hookers.” The following population may take offense to this compairison.

Lonely men who rely on the socially acceptable sexual fringe that Hooters offers. Somehow it’s perfectly fine to go out and see enthusiastically friendly young girls wearing clothing that was shrink dried onto them as long as you receive food during the experience.

Then there are the high school girls craving the status point of  being accepted into the red light district of food service. Not only do you not need a beautiful mind to work at Hooters, but the tips are also good. Who would have thought that lonely horny guys would give you more money just for bending over 30 degrees lower…

Then we have the parents whose children make up the Hooters staff. Supporting your child is important, but this is only after you have instilled the values in them that allow them to make wise decisions. Think about it, you don’t ask your 4 year old son what he wants for breakfast and when he replies “SUGAR!” say “OK honey, I support your decision,” stick a spoon in the sugar canister and slide it over to him… Ok after reexamination of our nation’s youth maybe you do… but you shouldn’t.

For anybody who wants to cry that I went too far calling Hooters “Hookers” simply because there are no sexual favors on the menu, understand that the difference between being a Hooters girl is still closer than to being a hooker than a waitress. Can Hooters really take the moral platform simply because their food does not come with fully assisted sexual release…


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