Wednesday, December 13

Glory of Rome (Facebook) Strategy And Tips

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Game Highlights

* Quests will help you build a glorious Empire, and will grant rewards when you complete them

* Gain Glory by increasing the number of troops, buildings, and research levels to unlock your City’s hidden potential

* Train Troops in the Barracks to defend your City and extend the reach of your Empire * Join an Alliance to protect your Empire during your rise to power

* Pick your favorite Deity and sacrifice Offerings to earn bonuses based on the Deity you choose

Tips & Tricks

* Build up your Farms to provide your plebeians with a place to work and produce Food. The higher the level Farms, the more Food you will produce for your City!

* The Palace is the heart of your City and the seat of your power. Upgrade your Palace to unlock more Field plots and Wilds! A level10 Palace gives you 40 Field plots and Control of up to 10 Wilds!

* Increase your Glory by constructing more and higher level buildings, and by training more troops. Your Glory is an indicator of how powerful you are, and will be used to rank you against other players!

* Use the Rally Spot to send out Attacks, Reinforcements, Transports, and Reassignments. The number of Marches and Troops you send out is limited by your Rally Spot level.

* The Temple is where your citizens worship your Deity. Sacrifice Offerings to earn bonuses, and upgrade your Temple to unlock new bonus levels. Your bonuses will differ depending on which Deity you choose!


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