Sunday, December 17

Lenovo Thinkpad 11 Inch

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Lenovo is the most famous in the business of ThinkPad laptops but the manufactures has more focus of choosing the design of the customers. ThinkPad Laptop 11 inch is the smallest in range and it makes fantastically the best companion in travelling.

This laptop gives us the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, it has the isolated keyboard which is triumph and despite of the tiny size of the spacious and the pleasure it is ideal for the regular work. The chassis is build with plastic material that provides us the excellent protection and also the portability. Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop 11 inch has the weight of 1.5 kg. It will give us the battery timing of 285 minutes and also four hours of battery life in between charging.

It has the processor of Intel Core i3 chip and will make no problem with the multitasking office software. When we talk about its graphic, it is weak and but to edit light photo as well as streaming videos is still possible.

Like graphic it also has no optical drive but has the hard drive of 320 GB. This small Lenovo Think Pad 11 inch provides us the ample storage for photos, music and also for work. It also has 3G module which permits us the wirelessly browsing the web when the range of the mobile phone pole.

This laptop is not suited for the high powered system for the family and is highly recommended as the portable partner.


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