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Complaints Relating to Glaucoma

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A lot of optometrists deal with people that are experiencing symptoms , commonly excess eye pressure, pain in the head area, and impaired vision. If you ever notice one or more of eye problems, you should be concerned about glaucoma. Only a qualified eye-care professional can confirm a glaucoma diagnosis by giving you an eye exam.

Glaucoma explained

Glaucoma is often known to be the “silent thief of vision”. It consists of increased pressure within the eye that may injure the sensitive nerve fibers crucial to vision. Glaucoma may cause irreparable and serious vision loss, leading to a constricted field of vision. There are different kinds of glaucoma such as secondary glaucoma, acute glaucoma, chronic glaucoma and normal tension glaucoma (a type of chronic glaucoma.)

Eye Pressure Complaints

As soon as you are aware of eye pressure, you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Even people with good eyes and normal pressure may experience glaucoma in the future. Only an eye doctor can let you know if you need treatment for glaucoma. Due to this, regular eye exams are crucial to good eye care.

Complaints About Headaches

The excess pressure felt in the eye, because of glaucoma could result in severe headaches. Soreness in the eyes can accompany a headache caused by glaucoma. Research has suggested that fear can also produce this type of headache.

Complaints About Impaired Vision

Glaucoma is an exceptionally damaging problem that may possibly result in the sufferer to become blind if it is not treated. Vision is usually affected by loss of peripheral vision. Eye experts have shown that patients over the age of 45 are the most likely to develop this ailment. If you feel that there is a problem with your eyes, and you seem to not be seeing as well as you used to, it is vital to see a qualified eye specialist like Dr. Harvey Carter as soon as possible to safeguard your vision.

Who is Most Likely to Develop Glaucoma?

*Patients that have family members that have suffered with glaucoma

* People that have suffered from systemic diseases such as diabetes, anemia or hardening of the arteries

* African Americans and Hispanics

Options for Treatment

Your chosen eye care expert will decide the most suitable course or combination of treatments. The treatments chosen will be unique to your disease. The treatments available are:

* Therapy using drugs

* Laser surgery

* Surgical procedures such as filtering and drainage implants

* Eye drops

In what ways can professional help relieve Glaucoma Complaints?

It is a good idea to obtain the help of an eye care professional that is experienced in assisting patients in improving their eye sight. They will do their best to assist in relieving pressure in your eyes that you may be experiencing, headaches, and inadequate vision. Always research and confirm that your chosen eye care professional is a reliable and reputable member of the medical community. They may help you with the use of the most advanced of technological methods to enable you to rid yourself of glaucoma related symptoms and pain.

At Carter Eye Center complaints pertaining to Glaucoma cancould be a thing of the past. contact Doctor Harvey Carter to talk about your Dallas glaucoma treatment options.



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