Wednesday, December 13

Step BY Step, Day BY Day

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Sometimes I sit and wonder

just what it is that I should do,

how to get through these troubled times.

What way will lead me through

without too many bumps and bruises,

too much getting hurt?

What way is it I need go?

What way really works?

The answer is really simple.

Follow Jesus all the way,

no turning right, no turning left;

be still, listen and pray

and follow as He leads me,

step by step and day by day.

The road is not always easy.

Sometimes the going may be rough

but I can trust in Jesus,

He is wise and strong enough

to get me through this world I’m living in

even when life seems really tough

and the valley’s seem so dark and cold,

days gray and wrought with storm,

even when I feel so all alone

and may face ridicule and scorn…

You see, my Lord God is in control

and He has already borne

all the strife and pain and sorrows,

all the dark, the gloom, forlorn

that ever may o’er take me

and He has a sure path blazed.

All I need do is trust and follow Him,

step by step and day by day.

He will not leave me or forsake me

to face life’s troubles all alone.

When I trust in Him and follow,

my Lord God will lead me home.

He is my hope and my salvation.

I need not weep or be afraid

so long as I keep trusting

and stay on the path He blazed.


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