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Basic Information About Common Laboratory Apparatus

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Apparatus used as container in the Laboratory:

  1. Beaker – this is used to dissolve, mix and heat liquids in large amounts.
  2. Test Tube – this is used as a reaction vessel for experiments involving small amounts of reactants.
  3. Flask 200 ml – this is used as a reaction vessel and sometimes as a gas generator and to hold liquid or solutions which are to be heated.
  4. Volumetric Flask – this is used for diluting and preparing accurate volume of solution.
  5. Evaporating Dish – this is used to evaporate the liquid from a solution leaving a solid material.
  6. Watch Glass – this is used for spontaneous evaporation for liquids and as a container for weighing.
  7. Mortar and Pestle – this is used for grinding solids to a powder form.
  8. Crucible – this is used for high temperature ignition.

Apparatus used for heating in the Laboratory:

  1. Bunsen burner – this is used as a source of heat in the laboratory.
  2. Pipe Stem or Clay Triangle – this is used to support the crucible while heating.
  3. Wing Top or Fish Tail – this is placed over the barrel of a burner to spread the flame.
  4. Wire Gauze or Asbestos Pad – this is used to separate beaker and flask from direct heat of the burner.

Apparatus used for holding and holding things in the Laboratory:

  1. Clamps – this is used to support test tubes, flasks, burets, etc.
  2. Clamp Holder – this is used to hold clamp in its proper position.
  3. Funnel – this supports the filter paper and facilitates the introduction of liquid to prevent spilling.
  4. Iron Ring – this is mounted on an iron stand to support beakers, flasks, etc.
  5. Iron Stand or Ring Stand – this is used to mount apparatus.
  6. Test Tube Holder – this is used to hold test tube while heating and when working with corrosive reagents.
  7. Tripod – this is to support apparatus which does not have to be attached.
  8. Test Tube Rack – this is used to keep a supply of test tubes for use.

Apparatus used for Measuring in the Laboratory:

  1. Balance and Weights – this is used to weigh materials in the laboratory.
  2. Buret – this is a graduated glass tube used in volumetric analysis for measuring definite and accurate amount of liquid.
  3. Graduated Cylinder – a cylinder closed at one end and calibrated in the Metric system; used to measure the amount of liquid sample, never use it as a reaction vessel.
  4. Dropper or pipettes – this is used to transfer / measure small amount of liquid samples.
  5. Spatula – this is used to remove or scoop out solids from the container.
  6. Thermometer – this is used to measure temperature, in Degree Celsius (0C) or Degree Fahrenheit (0F).

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