Wednesday, December 13

Theather Plays

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Have you ever acted in play on stage. If it were up to me I would do add live first:; show me happy, show me sad, show me angry, now show disapointment.  That would be fist exercise. Now lets do happy to  sad. then sad to happy. now happy to angry. Now if you can’t do that you might as well forget about taking any acting lessons.

remembering lines anyone can learn. but, without the emotions you come out flat as a pancake. You can be taught were to stand. read clue card. Props helps, Stage left, stage right.  Yes, acting in a play can be lots of fun. Knowing something  about your charaters can help you do a better job. 

Sally: Oh. oh, oh!

When it have say the same thing your suppose to say it differently each time.

“Oh”, Peter, saddly said.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!” Sally yelled angrly. 

“Oh my own camer,” he said with excitement in his voice. Listen to tone of voice. Is it high low. high and fast slow and high. Low and slow, slow and high are their hands on their hips. for any play to work do more then just learn lines

Peter(slowly walks in room); Stupid, Stupid stupid. Now is peter happy, sad angry. disappointed. .The more you know about the charature playing the better job you be able to do.  Is your charater ever rude, polite,  acting is being its not pretenting to be. Here another question where is the story  taking place.

At play ground. school a park, in some home.


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