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Page Formatting

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You have many options when formatting a report, which you can apply to the page, a section, or a field. First, you may want to control the page layout options for a report by using the Printer Setup command. To toggle between portrait and landscape orientation, click File, Printer Setup. From the Print Setup dialog box you can also select a different size of paper such as legal, assuming your printer has the ability to print that size.

If you share a report with others or use it on a computer not connected to a printer capable of any expanded size, letter size is the best choice.

Choose £Use, Page Setup to open a dialog box where you can specify mar­gins. Selecting the Use default Margins check box allows the report print correctly on any machine because it automatically uses that machine’s system default.

SCR provides many options for controlling how your Design and Preview tabs look, along with settings for retrieving data and null values. Most of this information is scattered about this book as notes and tips where the informa­tion is pertinent. You’ll find all global settings under file, Options, on tabs in the Options dialog box. This chapter contains information on setting global options for field and object formatting.


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