Monday, December 11

Tupperware That Touches Our Lives

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If you are a buyer or a seller of Collectibles and would like

 It is the brand name of a classic home products line that includes preparation, serving and storage products for the home and every kitchen Dry Storage  , Food Preparation , Serving , Microwave , Refrigerator , Canisters,  Freezer , Lunch & Outdoors  marketed by means of direct one on one sales through an independent sales force of approximately 1.9 million consultants.

Collecting Tupperware memorabilia and products. Include  Tupper Kids, GoFlex. , Clear ‘n’ Pure Range ,TupperCare. Bowls, Baking forms, Magnets, pitchers, Cake takers glasses, sandwich keepers, Measuring cups, canisters.

Here are some examples of vintage sandwich keeper. Rectangular sandwich Keeper. Whatever you call it a sub, a grinder, a hero, a hoagie this Keeper goes to great lengths to keep your favorite sandwich fresh until lunchtime. The Round Sandwich Keeper Pack a morning bagel for breakfast sandwich, a Kaiser roll filled with good stuff or a nice and healthy salad. Includes 2-oz./60 mL Smidget. Container that fits in the top to carry some salad dressing, mustard or mayo.

Pack a Perfect Lunch and More Everyone needs a handful of these fabulous containers for themselves and their love ones and family. The Sandwich Keeper is a one-piece wonder. Made and designed to fit easily into briefcase backpack, or purse, the container’s one-piece construction means no safety seals to keep track of or to get lost. The hinged cover is very easy to open with one hand. During travel or around the house, you’ll find dozens of additional food storage uses for these handy helpers. It’s also a perfect companion to other on-the-go food products such as the CrystalWave Lunch ‘n Dish with Cold Cup and CrystalWave Soup Mug.


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