Wednesday, December 13

The Archos Tablet

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The ARCHOS 101 tablet’s Features are: HD Multimedia: Play your favorite HD videos and view pictures and photos on the high resolution 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen. It has applications like any other tablet, customize your device by getting it and downloading your favorite Android applications from their website AppsLib. Internet: Surf the net or web in full width just like on your laptop or PC, and stay in contact by using the integrated contacts and email applications. Video Chat: Video chat with family and friends using the forward facing camera. TV: Play out your favorite high definition videos on a large screen TV with the HDMI external out connection. It has also expandable Storage Expand the data storage capacity with the Micro SD card slot, with WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth connectivity shipping with Android 2.1.

If a customer wants to connect to the internet in a portable way. Just plug your mobile phone equipped with 3.5 G and Bluetooth technology, simply combine or pair it up to your ARCHOS 101 internet tablet via Bluetooth or even via reliable USB cable. This will give you easy connection and access to Internet directly on your gadget device anytime and anywhere. There’s no need to pay an extra fee. Making the ARCHOS tablet a real deal advantage.

The ARCHOS 101 internet tablet has Samba and UPnP protocols: this means that you play your movies, videos, and photos on your ARCHOS, but these files are really located on your computer in another room. You don’t need to store everything on your ARCHOS to enjoy viewing it on your ARCHOS! Your files fly through the air over WiFi. The ARCHOS 101 internet tablet is the small and convenient portable computer that you’ve always dreamed about.


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