Wednesday, December 13

Windows Help Panes Can Use a Tweak

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Help panes for Windows and web browsers can be very accommodating for most computer users.  But, sometimes they can be almost as bad as a trojan horse in your PC.  Very often PC users will become so frustrated, unable to get any work done, they simply give up or resort to very desperate measures that often do not work entirely.

Why these help panes appear is beyond my scope of computer knowledge.  Using the ALT-Delete works for a short period of time and then becomes locked or the windows task manager is simply overloaded with the process being repeated over and over.  I have been in this situation too many times and trying to end each process line is exhausting. Twice, the help pane problem led me to rebooting my entire Windows operating system.  It was in the end no help at all.

Help for this problem finally presented itself after quite a bit of web research and perseverence.  Upon chance, a note was found stating that the help panes might be the result of a misfunctioning keyboard key.  Help panes can be summoned using the F-1 key on many PC’s and laptops so the note appeared to have some logical base.  This seemed a good place to begin the war.

Fixing this problem of reoccuring help panes would need some type of software to remedy the glitch.  Having a desire to help myself through the use of freeware, a little more web surfing eventually dug up a small program that seems to be just what the doctor ordered: Key Tweak.

Using Key Tweak, a keyboard remapper, was simple and appeared to solve the problem  Help panes have not reappeared at random for either my windows environment or any of my browsers.  The help pane problem can be resolved with Key Tweak version 2.30 on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/and Windows 7.

If you are experiencing this same problem, with help panes popping up in such numbers as to confound you and your PC, then seek out this freeware by simply googling Key Tweak and downloading it immediately.  Install and run and hopefully it will be all the help you need to solve your problem of uncontrollable help panes on Windows.


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