Monday, December 11

Being Two

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Like every stage of a baby’s life, the age of two is so very important and so amazingly different. As the world around your two year old becomes more and more familiar she starts to widen her horizon and explore, very sure that mummy or daddy are just a scream away!

There is a lot your two year old can do, and she will do it all. Try to give it a positive direction. It is a godsend opportunity to help her learn new things in a fun way. Make a game of putting away the toy things; why not let her lay the spoons on the table one day for dinner. Of course, she may just end up playing with them! But she will love the experience anyway.

And boy! Is she emotional about everything! Most two year olds will let everyone around them know exactly what they feel. She will scream, she will shout, she will stamp her feet, she may even bite….she will also never be shy to cuddle up to you for a warm hug, a kiss or to just snuggle up and go to sleep. She literally wears her heart on her sleeve. But beware, don’t rush in every time you hear her sniffle; it sends out a not so positive signal. Find the cause of the trouble and try to sort that out. Remember, you have to say “no” to her sometimes. It’s alright.

Her vocabulary is also growing by leaps and bounds at two years. So, talk to her! Correct her grammar gently in an offhand and casual manner. Help her string her words a little better. And most important: respond to her sentences. It encourages a child no end to find that the sound she made got a reaction. If you haven’t already introduced her to picture books do so now. It is also a great time to start reading to her as she is able to understand a lot of words. Keep the stories short and simple. And remember babies don’t mind listening to the same story again and again and again. In fact, they love it. So a good book with lots of colorful pictures is an investment worth making.

Many two year olds are ready to start potty training. If yours toddler is one of them don’t hesitate to start. Do not push her too hard, but praise every attempt to use the potty. If she does wet herself at times, do not take her to task. Of course, night time training should only be started after she has mastered getting through the day without any mishaps.

This is the time when the babies sleep patterns may start to change. She may have short naps in the mornings. She may want to sleep earlier at night. So you need to plan your day accordingly. Remember a two year old can sleep in the car, but not as comfortably. It’s better to be back home early.

Your two year old is settling down in the comfort of her immediate surroundings. Have fun!


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