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Is It Possible To Play Blu-Ray Dvds Without a Blu-Ray Dvd Player On a Laptop

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If you want to watch movies, TV shows in full 1080p high definition resolution, Blu-ray disc allows you to do so. But, to play a blu-ray dics you need a Blu-ray player if you don’t have that then you can have the pleasure such a great experience. Even if you are using a lop top a Blu-ray disc drive can only help the cause. If in case you have a internal Blu-ray disc drive then it’s totally fine but if in case you don’t have that then what to do.

Is there a way out to this problem or only a Blu-ray drive or the player is the only solution. There is a way out to the problem Lets see how you can play the blu ray disc without a blu-ray player.

Steps to follow:

  • With the Blu-ray disc you might have had got a installation software CD, insert the CD in to the CD or DVD drive.
  • The installation software should start automatically, if it doesn’t starts automatically then you need to click on the install or Setup shortcut.
  • Now you just have to follow the on screen instructions which you will see on the Blu-ray drive installation software. The instructions on the installation software, most of the times asks for the installation location, it will also asks you to connect the connect the Blu-ray drive to the laptop. You should then connect the blu-ray drive to the laptop using the USB cable. The instructions may differ depending on the model of your drive but most of the time the procedure remains the same.
  • Once the installation is over, run the Blu-ray player playback software, you can do that by locating the shortcut created for the software after the installation process is over, usually the icon is created in the Start Menu.
  • Now insert the Blu-ray disk in the drive your blu-ray drive software will automatically recognize the disc and start to playback. This process might take up to one minute even then of the software doesn’t recognizes the disc then in that case you need to consult the user manual came with the Blu-ray disc drive
  • Once every thing is done now you can watch high definition movie on your laptop even if you don’t have a Blu-ray disc drive or player that too without incurring any extra cost.

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