Tuesday, December 12

Just Relax And Recharge The Batteries of Life

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Modern life chocks us with overloaded commitments, huge schedules, and infinite tasks. In spite of all the gadgets we use today which are supposed to simplify our lives, our lives are full of anxiety, tension and worries. In this mad running to do everything we desire we forget to slow down and relax. As a result, one fine morning we find ourselves pooped out. But this could be avoided if we learn to relax and spend some time for yourself and recharge our batteries. Here are some simple, down-to-earth techniques that will help you relax and enjoy every day better.

Ten techniques to recharge your life batteries at free of cost

1) Just take a nap

Do not napping is a waste of time. It is simple but a very effective technique. It teaches you a great way to relax. It need not be a long nap. Just 20 minutes’ nap can do wonders. The fact is, the longer you sleep, the more tired you will feel when you wake up. When you feel very tired just sit and take a nap of few minutes which is enough to refresh you. Actually, the mid-day drowsiness is only a part of nature’s rhythm.

2) Listen to some soothing sound and relax

Music is actually a therapy. Its soothing sound has an effect to refresh your nerves. A pleasing music can ease your nerves and calm you. Music is the divine therapy to refresh your mood.

3) Set aside a few minutes for your relax schedule

It can be anything that gives you a feeling of relaxation. It can be yoga or some breathing exercise. But you should stick on to a habit of doing it regularly.  In order to get the most out of your relaxation practice, the best way is to start and maintain a relaxation practice by incorporating it into your daily routine and practicing it sincerely. .

4) Deep breathing is an effective relaxation technique

Deep breathing is the cornerstone of many other relaxation practices, and it can be combined with other relaxing exercises such as aromatherapy or music therapy.

5) Take a light walk

There can no other simpler relaxation exercise than light walking. Just have a free walk in open air. Walk to a park or store and enjoy the surroundings. Unwind your serious thoughts for sometime. The relaxation can provide you better ideas to sole you problems.

6) Just enjoy the wonders of nature

A dewdrop moves a poet. Glassful water relieves your thirst. A shower refreshes the earth. Water in any form is life. Enjoy the wonders of nature around you. Look at the sun setting over the water. Hear the birds singing and chirping secrets. Smell the aroma of the pine trees. Feel the cool water on your bare feet and taste the fresh, clean air of nature.

7) Progressive relaxation technique

It is a very effective way of relaxing your sate of mind as well as your body. The method of doing it is freeing yourself and spending some time in a quite place doing the following exercise. Close your eyes and begin to tighten and loosen your fists for three times, over and over again. Count numbers one to ten and repeat this sequence with other parts of the body also. You can begin from your toes and end in fist and fingers.  While doing this, concentrate on the body part and feel that fresh energy is pouring therein.

8) Water therapy technique

Taking a nice warm bubble bath can refresh both body and mind. Lie in a bath tub thinking nothing else except the most peasant incidents that have come across in your life. Listen to the water sounds. It can be accompanied by some light music.

9) Travel is another relaxation technique

If you can spare one or two days, you can go for an outing or trip to some pleasant place. Variety is at its best in so many sight seeing places. Some may like quieter environments and some may prefer sporting spots.

10) Mindful meditation

Meditation is a good relaxation technique. It cultivates mindfulness and is effective at reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. Mindfulness is the quality of being fully engaged in the present moment, without analyzing or otherwise ‘over-thinking’ the experience. It helps you to come out of your gloomy thoughts to some enlightening thoughts of hope.


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