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Advices Before Contracting a Home Insurance

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Searching for insurance that permits secure you the housing or the loose of furniture or all together.

An home insurance is the modality of the contract certainly that cover the damages produced in a housing and/or your content and derive to that of any emergencies, by covering all kind of risks of very diverse kind.

To contract an insurance of home keep in mind a series of things that here are count to you. In general, as much as less sure is the housing, major is this, more ancient the construction and major your value and those of the comfortably placed insured persons in your inside (content), major the premium to pay.

1. – search for an insurance that permits secure you the housing or the loose of the furniture or all together, in function of your report with the same thing.

 The insurances of homes distinguish between the continent (the housing in itself) and the content (the properties they integrate the home: Electronics equipment, jewels, etcetera.) and it must permit to you secure which really want to secure.

 So search for an insurance that permits secure you continent, content or both together, according to your needs ( for example, you could be an owner of a rented housing to a third, and it be, therefore, only interested in secure the continent, since the content is not yours, or can be the lessee and only wants secure the furniture ).

2.-You keep in mind that an insurance of home can cover, practically, all kind of damages, so selects those who really interest you if not yoo would like to pay a premium of horse:

 Damages to the housing for fires or explosion or for atmospheric extremes phenomenon ( floods, hailstorm, showers, etcetera.),

 Damages for robbery (it covers with esparto matting, jewels, objects of value, etcetera.) or attempt to sporting to make a false start (destructions in doors, windows, grates, etcetera).

 Aesthetic damages to the housing and to your doors, crystals, windows, sanitary, bath screens, top, etcetera.

 The public liability of the housing (for detachments, breaks up of pipes, etcetera.) and those of your dwellers (in the housing or from towards out, for example, a handle if it falls to the street by causing damages), etcetera.

 Damages to electronic equipment (included personal computers) and electronics.

 A series of related services: reparations of urgency claim of damages, etcetera.

3.-First insure that you will keep in mind on time to calculate your premium will be your identity and the year of construction of your housing, your postal code of emplacement, the use made of the same ( impeaches in front of professional activity ) and if the same is lived or not.

 In areas in those who it has a lot of damages ( for example, urbanizations with many robberies ), the insuring thing will be able to recuperate you a major premium that in those calm places. If the activity in the inside of the housing is professional, it can refuse to you to secure ( risk excluded ).

4.-Secure you knowing the risks excluded can impose the insuring thing.

This will bind oneself to do something and accept a series of risks excluded (suppositions in those who will be able to refuse to secure you, by including if they have given several parts previously or sags to the truth).

Between the risks excluded more common stand out:

 Isolated housings of other housings in urbanizations;

 Empty housings the majority of the year;

 Housings in construction or reconstruction or inventoried with

Defects of structure;

 Prefabricated housings of wood or earrings;

 Busy housings for unemployed and/or students or for more than a family or multiple tenants;

 Housings rented less than a year or informally;

To do this, the user has to make a statement that the housing not finds to him in any of the suppositions of exclusion and assume the consequences of lying or give incomplete or inexact information in the case of reporting for a fire.

5.-The insuring will keep in mind if in the housing it has been done recently reform in pipes and electric system (fit, fuse board, making into a cable, etcetera.).

 How much more recent these two, less prime installations will be paid to him, since less probable will be the more habitual problems of the housings ( flee of water and fires ).

6.-The type of housing, your emplacement in the block of housings in the case to a tread and the use made of it falls in the cost of the premium.

 Is not the same thing an intermediate floor of the center of the city that a chalet in an used urbanization in holidays only. For your part the attics are accustomed to give more departs for testing more exposed to the severities and the hollows for the possibilities of accidents, if they give to the exterior.

7.-The built surface, the qualities of the material employees and the measures of security of the housing decide also the cost of the premium.

 The insuring undertakings decide easily the qualities of the housing in function of the availability for service or not of air conditioning (and in the case if you have it, if it is individual or collective ), of if forms up or not of heating ( major or smaller propensity to averages and floods ) or if there is butane gasoline in demijohns ( cases of explosions ).

 As for the measures of security, the insuring thing will want know if they exist windows with grates, armored door or armor-plated, if you have an alarm (with your detectors in the different parts of the house), and in affirmative case, if this is connected with the police or a deprived service of vigilance.

8.-You keep in mind that the insuring will be able to impose you a period of lack, that is to say, a term until which the policy won’t be effective, and during which won’t cover the damages that they can produce to you.

9.-If you contract online, probably you save some of money in the premium, since the insuring thing improve this type of direct contracting with discounts.

 If you contract online through a comparator certainly of home keep in mind that it deals with of a product that by being so wide in the covers it is difficult to compare between the different insuring thing.

 In this case it is advisable firsts to have it clear what you want to cover with the insurance then to take a request for a   budget in two or three insuring of our trust.

10.-If you have to give a part for a fire, make it as soon as possible, since if you stay a lot of time the insuring could refuse to cover the damages, if you was secured.


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