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Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss

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Those who are looking for long term weight loss usually prefer low carb diet. Low carb diet means a person’s diet consist of 30% or less of carbohydrates. The lower percentage of carbohydrate is to ensure that calories intake is low which in turn maintains blood sugar level and hunger. Low Carb diet is also used in parts by diets like – atkins diet, the Glycemic Index and the South Beach Diet. In low carb diet you’re supposed to limit your intake of rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, some grains and sugar, in order to reduce high carbohydrates in your body.

Why Low Carb Diet ?

Low carb diet helps you lose weight much quickly and keeping it on consistent basis will help your body stay fit. You’ll also find that your hunger level is reduced because of this diet plan. Though this diet plan can give you effective results, you need efforts and commitment towards it. You need to keep track of your diet and remove junk food from intake or else you’ll less likely to benefit from this diet plan. You need to develop much better eating habits if you want  to follow low carb diet plan. Before choosing a low carb diet it’s always better to ask your doctor for the suggestion of healthy meal plan.

Low Carb Diet Meals

Just because it is said that you need to limit high carb meal from the diet doesn’t mean you should cut it out completely. You should take the high carb meal in limited amount. For example, pasta, bread and rice intake should be low in your daily diet plan. You can take pasta once a week, bread on alternate day and rice one time in daily meal. This way you can reduce your high carb meal intake and as they’re not cut off from your diet you still get them on regular basis, which is necessary for your healthy body. Alternatively, you can add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet plan. This will ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals for your body to stay fit.

Low carb diet is an efficient way to lose weight if you can keep the commitment and take efforts.


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