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Become a Wedding Planner Small Town

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Did you ever think about becoming a small town wedding planner? Many brides could use this service but there are no wedding planners to serve the smaller towns or limited budgets. This is a great business opportunity for the right person.

If you have the experience planning a few weddings, this could be the side job for you. In this brief article, you can discover how you can begin this type of business. If you enjoy planning weddings this could be fun way to attend multiple weddings each year.

First, make some business cards for your new business and hand them out. Let people know you are available as a wedding planner. Then you will need to line up different establishments to purchase the necessary items.

Find a party supplier and get a club card if possible. A good party supplier will have all the paper goods for multiple themes of weddings no matter the type.

Getting on a personal basis with the associates and manager of the store will help you gain discounts more then the card allows in most cases. Find some friends who can cook a variety of dishes safely and who will do it cheaper then a catering business.

The wedding planner can purchase the food ingredients with the deposit the bride and groom put forth. This type of raw food can be purchased at a bulk food store or a restaurant supply store. The food can then cooked by the friends you hire.

A card-carrying member of a restaurant supply store can save money on a variety of paper goods for food consumption as well as the raw foods that are in sizes convenient for restaurants or weddings. The planner should check for the closest restaurant store to their location but they are online as well.

The wedding planner should make contact with a band that plays a variety of music or a local DJ who will play a variety of music. This type of arrangement will help the planner and the music provider get more paying events.

Chairs and tables can be rented from local volunteer fire companies or community recreation centers for outdoor weddings.

These locations will also rent out their halls for weddings so it’s a great idea to make contact with them.Then all that is left to do is to make contact with the bride and groom and help them plan the wedding of their dreams.

Once you know what the theme is, the three of you can determine the color scheme and work on planning the rest of the wedding.


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