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Renaissance Themed Wedding

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Renaissance weddings can be a nice change from the regular formal weddings. Recently my daughter was married, she had this theme, and I will share how we made her dream of a Renaissance wedding a reality. We did this all without the help of anywedding planner.

Ages ago, the real Renaissance weddings were held in castles but more often, they were held out doors under the trees. This wedding was held at a private campground, which is on my sister’s property. Therefore, we had oodles of space for parking as well as for the events of the day. Not a single car showed up in the photos, which was very important for a themed wedding of this era.

We chose an undeveloped portion of my sister’s many acres under a massive oak tree with a lot of character as the focal point. This is where the vows were exchanged and the natural background made for many awesome photographs. To prep the area we simply cut the grass for the chairs for the bride and groom’s family. Everyone else sat on picnic benches lined up like pews.

After the ceremony, nephews of the bride carried the chairs and benches back to the main campground to use.The bride and her party were led down the isle by uncles who played live period music rather than a traditional bridal march. These uncles also played throughout the day for the guests of the Renaissance wedding, which added to the theme.

The bridal party was all in period clothes, even the bride’s 2-year-old son wore a little jester’s costume. The couple’s 8-month-old baby daughter was in a long white dress with a pinafore as was the style back then. The bride and her bridal party wore dresses with the long sleeves tie with leather as a bride would have worn back then.

The food, which was a dish to pass type of dinner, included different types of food that would have been served back in the day of a real Renaissance wedding. There were bowls of salads, fruit and nuts. The bride and groom purchased an 80-pound pig, which was simply skinned, from a local butcher and it was cooked all day over an open fire.

The couple was toasted with Mead, supplied by a local winery.

The wedding cake was also as one would expect a cake from the Renaissance period. It was a simple two-layer cake with green ivy running up around the sides of the cake. The cake top was a smaller replica of the couple’s invitations.

Several people were in period costumes such as men in leggings and the billowy shirts of the Renaissance era. Several women were in wrench type clothing and served jell-o shots with an attitude. They accepted faux gold coins and carried them around in a little pouch after dispensing the shots.

The invitations were homemade on paper, rolled up and hand delivered to all guests. Therefore, there was only the cost of paper to factor in, which made them very budget friendly. Large serving bowls for the reception were purchased at a restaurant supply store, which saved even more money. With no hall rental, catering etc the cost of this Renaissance wedding was held down.


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