Tuesday, December 12

Pumpkin Cookies

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Pumpkin cookies are a great way to help great rid of any pumpkin you have from the garden. Pumpkin cookies are delicious if they are created with the right ingredients and I will tell you how my family creates these along with suggested servings.

Pumpkins are plentiful this time of year as many people grow them and the local produce markets are full of this orange vegetable. Since there is usually such an abundance of it, it’s usually a cheaper purchase than other food items. It’s also full of vitamins and nutrients our bodies need so it is a good solution no matter which way a person looks at this.

On the cooks.com website, one can find a ton of great pumpkin cookie recipes that will fill your home with a sweet aroma as they bake. In addition, you will find some nice variations in this sweet cookie. With over four hundred recipes, the only trouble bakers will have is choosing one or two that sound the best.Bakers can toss in grated carrots to add more vitamins and another serving of vegetables.

These are so good the kids will never know they are eating vegetables. Other additions include raisins, chocolate chunks, or pureed banana.These are great plain, or with a simple icing, so it really depends on your personal preference along with how much time you have to bake.

Some icings include cream cheese, butter cream or even vanilla frosting.Pumpkin cookies are great for bake sales or your children’s school lunches. If you are having a back to school party, fall celebration or simply having a get together for family and friends this is a great time to serve the sweet treats.

Storage of the pumpkin cookies should be in an airtight container or plastic bag. These delicious treats do not have a long shelf life, which is okay because they never last for long. Of course you can purchase these at a bakery or your local grocery store but they taste so much better when you bake them at home.

One can control the quality of ingredients and levels of salt when these pumpkin cookies are baked at home.






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