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Is is Good For You to Exercise While Pregnant?

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If you exercise while pregnant – if you are really athletic and run a marathon or something, does it help your baby in any way? Scientists really haven’t found a link that could show a benefit for the baby, but they certainly have the benefit for the athletic mother nailed. When a woman is pregnant, she almost has 50% more blood in her body, and her heart rate goes up several ticks. What that means is that the body of a pregnant woman is much more efficient at oxygen transport than any normal person. A woman who will exercise while pregnant can derive a few health benefits for her baby too – a fitter woman is more likely to have a normal labor experience.

Still, there are certain precautions that you need to take with exercise right after birth. The body absorbs a lot of calcium from your bones around this time in its attempt to recover, and this makes them thinner and more brittle. The body in preparation for giving birth also releases a hormone called Relaxin that loosens up the joints a great deal. If you have very mobile joints and you don’t keep track of this, you could end up moving your joints far more than they should go, and this could lead to sprains. So basically, in your enthusiasm to exercise while pregnant, all you need to do is to take the following precautions up for consideration.

Strenuous exercise while pregnant is fine, just as long as it’s not anything that produces shock waves like running does, as your due date approaches. Low-impact exercises, like swimming or walking, could be just fine though. To make sure that your belly doesn’t jiggle too much with each footfall, wear a maternity belt. If it helps you give a little extra support to your bulge, it should be much more comfortable for you.

You realize how when you’re pregnant, you need a toilet close at hand more often than you used to. Picking a running route with a couple of toilets where you need them, would be a good idea. A good idea for running while keeping safe would be to to do it all in a home gym. A treadmill right in your home should keep you within easy reach of a water bottle, a toilet, a bed should you need rest, and of course, safety.

Exercise while pregnant is all about listening to your body. As the weeks roll by, make sure that you don’t exercise hard enough that you begin to sweat. And slow down when discomfort begins to creep up on you.


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