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Tips on Reducing Your Automobile Insurance Costs

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As an auto insurance client, you can do several things on your part to reduce the costs of the premiums you pay on your policy. The location where you reside will play a role in determining how much you might be paying on your insurance policy. Those who reside in busy cities with high rates of theft will be expected to pay more. In the Montreal area for example, residents who live in the Downtown Projects usually pay more for auto insurance due to the amount of theft and criminal activity within the area. So, living in a quiet residential area does have its benefits!

Recently accredited drivers will pay hefty sums of money on their insurance policy. New drivers don’t have as much experience as older drivers, and this puts a financial burden on new drivers. If both a new driver and older experienced driver have the same exact vehicle, live at the same house, and have an identical personal file; the new driver’s insurance costs would be higher by a few hundred dollars. This is the case for all new drivers, regardless of where they live or which insurance company they choose. There is one thing new drivers can do in order to benefit from a fifteen to thirty percent discount. By taking up a driving course which is accredited by the state motor vehicle association, a new driver will be given a discount on the auto insurance policy they will obtain. However, you do have to pass the course to receive the certificate which entitles you to a discount.

From the time you get your driver’s license, you should be conscious driver, obeying all rules and safety codes in your city. If one’s driving record has infractions against speeding, and other traffic violations, the insurance company will most likely increase premiums. A driver who has speeded in the past will speed in the future, and this is the concept all insurance companies follow. So, it is essential to keep your driving record clean, if you really want to save on auto insurance. if you can manage to keep a clean record for two or more years, your rates will lower by a couple of dollars every month.

Women tend to pay lower auto insurance premiums because they are recognized as safer drivers when compared to male drivers. Although women have much more claims in their files, they still end up paying less than males. So, if you are a male driver, it would be wise to place yourself as a second driver on a women’s auto insurance policy. If you are married, this would be perfect as you can add yourself under your wife. If you are still single, you could do the same by becoming a second driver under your mother, aunt or anyone. Every insurance company is different, so make sure to look around at some of the options before you choose one company to provide you insurance.

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