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Website Meta Tags

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Meta tag configuration is one of the easiest and most important aspects of search engine recognition.  Meta tags are the flags put up by your website during a specific search.  


When a possible website visitor searches for “good pizza in new york” the New York pizza companies should have these words included in their keyword meta tags.  It is recommended to use up to twenty words in a keyword meta tag, and to clump words together such as “good pizza in new york” for optimal search strength.  Selecting a few important searches and working clumping words is an effective strategy for higher search engine rank.


A website’s meta tag description is displayed beneath the website title on a search.  It is important to include important keywords in a description tag, such as: “Want good pizza in new york?  Go with DaVinci’s!”  This includes the popular search for “good pizza in new york” which is a very effective way to get your main search across.  Make sure to keep descriptions short and sweet.


The title meta tag is the most simple and important part of meta tag configuration.  It is necessary to put the businesses name and their location of service, or their main services separated by spaces and | marks.  An example of a good title would be DaVinci’s | Good Pizza | New York.  This brings continuity to the meta tags and tells a customer what the business is about at the first glance.

Configuring meta tags on normal html websites is easy, just go to the header and change them in the html file.  In Joomla! you can find the meta tag descriptions on the articles themselves, or install a 3rd party extension such as iJoomla! SEO to easliy configure all content from one easy dashboard.


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